Monday, 23 May 2011

The White Swan Pub.

Well here it is in all its battered yet proud glory. It's one of my favourite pubs and also one of my favourite buildings in Manchester.The Darts room is to the left. When I first went to the pub on my own, I hid in here with my dog playing darts. I figured that that way I didn't get in anyone's way and if by some chance I did, well I'd have a set of darts as weapons. As it turned out, everyone was really nice and I didn't need to throw darts at anyone in self defence. I did a quick doodle of The Swan quite a while ago. It looked like this:
I had a silly idea one day that I would draw every building in England. Each building would take 30 mins to do and so I could accomplish one building per lunch break at work. Once I had drawn every building (in England) I wanted to go and speak to someone really important at Google and see if they would use my drawings as an alternative version of Google Street Maps. Well hindsight is a wonderful thing and laziness is a right fucker. I only did 3 buildings and thought "What's the point". I think that quite a lot. 

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