Thursday, 26 May 2011

Brick red is the colour of bricks.

Ok so I've practically got the basic drawing down for the painting of the The Swan. I've been trying to hunt down my masking tape to add some block colour. I hunted high. I hunted low. I looked in my tool box. I looked in the draw where I keep miscellaneous items such as old Chinese take-away containers and the bike pump. It was nowhere to be seen. But, then it came to me. Ziggy in the summer of 2010. Yes! That was it. Chewed to smithereens. I've bought some more from Poundland in Altrincham. I've masked up and added some nice big blocks of colour. It looks a shambles. But I love a good shambles.

and now I play the waiting game. This is probably the right time to suggest to myself that I should begin on a second and third painting.

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