Monday, 6 June 2011

I follow the Moskva down to Gorky Park......

This weekend I have in equal parts been inspired and derailed by 6 non-stop hours of Power Ballads. I have never danced to Think Twice by Celine Dion before and I doubt I ever will again. So Celine is to blame for my lack of painting activity. But alas tonight with a clearer head and a steadier hand I have picked up where I left off.

One of my many problems in life is the fight between precision and scruffiness. Now I like scruffiness but I have to have a certain level of precision before scruffiness can come to the fray. Do you follow me? No? Nope me neither. Lets put that another way shall we. I like an organised shambles, a structured chaos if you will. In life, as in my painting I need to have the fundamentals set out with a structure and then once the structure is in place, I like a thick dollop of mess on top. For example I like my room messy....clothes strewn everywhere....but underneath the mess is a clean hoovered floor........behind my visually, noisy face and shambolic nature lies a good heart......with me now? Good..... and so my painting has its clean linear frame in place and now its time for the plonk on top. It's starting to come now. I hope. 

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